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    New job

    Hello, everybody. This is the diary of a new stage in my life, change of city, work and circumstances.

    Por razones que ahora no vienen al caso, decidí irme de mi ciudad natal y buscar algo relacionado con mi formación pero que no tuviera que ver con lo que estaba haciendo hasta ahora. Tras dar varios tumbos desde teleoperador a dependiente de cibercafé o soporte microinformático, encontré algo interesante que nunca había hecho, Operador. El salario es adecuado a mis necesidades, y según parece al desempeño que tengo que hacer, pero la verdad es que no tengo muy claro en qué consiste, sólo que tiene que ver con máquinas grandes del tipo AS400 o servidores parecidos.

    For reasons that aren't relevant now, I decided to leave my hometown and look for something related to my education but not related to what I was doing so far. After jumping from tele-operator to cybercafe dependent or IT crowd, I found something interesting that I had never done before, Operator. The salary suit my needs, and seems according to the performance that I have to do, but the truth is that I do not have very clear what it is, only that it has to do with large machines of the type AS400 or similar servers. The interview went well, it seems that because the shifts people leave and they always lack personnel, I start today in what the interviewer has called, the dungeon of the operators. It sounds silly, but I'm also curious.

    I was summoned at ten in the morning to pick up the ID and meet the people, I arrived half an hour late. In spite of having left two hours early I did not find the first combination of public transport, if I've went by car I might already be crossing the border, this city is somewhat confusing for a small town dude like me. Anyway it's not a normal working day, so I hope it doesn't count as something negative. Now that I know the combination I think it will not take more than three quarters of an hour to get lucky with the combinations, it's a while, but I can read as I see that many people do in the metro and bus, in the end it will be good for my mind to take so long.

    When the security guard arrived he told me to wait for Don Florencio to sign the entrance and the delivery of a temporary card that only served for the operation office. After signing for the delivery of the card, he took me to the floor where the operating room was. A small office with barebones on tables attached to the wall forming a semicircle. On one side were the operating system, on the other where it was up to me, slicing operation. It has nothing to do with fish, but with a program that has to run 24×7 and it seems that a lot of things depend on it, the operator explained to me that he is going to show me how this works.

    In the mornings there is not much work except to watch that some processes work, apart from that it is to watch the exits of a program and to prepare a report with them at determined hours. It seems to be the time when errors are controlled by the technicians in charge and all work is basically is to warn them and give them relevant information. In the other shifts the task changes quite a lot and it seems that there are hours with a lot of work and others with little depending on the task is proper to the system or has to do with people using the machines. So we spend the morning quickly watching processes go by, noting things, sending emails and asking how these machines work.

    At noon you have to check some tapes and we go down to the room of the machines, it's cold peeling, it's huge and you have to shout because of the noise of the machines fans and air conditioning, he is showing me the servers and what tapes they use, some seem to be working for a long time by the design they have. Hard machines told me above, there was one with a console from the nineties, when PCs had not yet been implemented in the systems. In this world, everything is big, it's like going from a yacht to an oil tanker.

    And with that I ended the first day, not knowing very well what is going on but knowing that there is something big behind all that there and you have to leave everything well recorded. I went home to eat, I played my favorite MMO for a while, watched a little TV and went to bed early so I wouldn't be late for the first day of work.

    At four o'clock in the morning I got up to take a good shower, to have a strong breakfast and to go very clear and calmly, I'll get the schedule, but it's always better to go with air while I don't know the combinations or the timings. When I went out to the street I could swear that I glanced someone putting the streets in their place from the corner of my eye. The subway was empty, but in the bus interchange there were a lot of people, you can see that it is a knot towards the areas where people enter to work early. I got time, I arrive more than half an hour early, there is an open cafeteria where I have a last coffee (I was warned that the machine is poisonous) with croissant before knocking on the metal door and start the first day of real work as an operator.

    The watchman voice is hoarser, we are in autumn, time of colds, I greet quickly and I go up to the room to see how the change of shift is made. I wonder if they changed the decoration or something, it's all much darker, and there seems to be wood on the walls, which I don't remember. When he turns to greet me, after having finished preparing the mail for the change of shift and to sign the new one in, I get livid.

    I took something that made me feel bad, the croissant must have had rotten rye or something. In front of me there is a short guy with a green face, pointed ears, teeth like knives and ugly like getting home drunk and hitting mother. I lean on the table to sign, trying to maintain my composure (losing a work ten minutes after starting is not a record I want to set), and where the host operators were, there is a grey skinned giant, next to another green man and a werewolf with quite human features. This is not good, but I do not feel dizzy or anything, apart from the scary face that I must have and that my partner perceives, I think I can endure, today I only have to learn, I will not have to do anything complicated, I hope.

    After signing, comes the colleague I met yesterday, and obviously has no human aspect, he asks if I feel well. I lie that since I arrived early I had a coffee from the machine and it didn't feel good. Everyone starts laughing loudly and reminds me nicely where the bathrooms are. Fortunately the bathroom signs are recognizable, not like the letters on the exit signs. This is serious, I think sitting on a, wooden WC?

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